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SP List Category Filter (deprecated)


  • SP List Category Filter is deprecated.
  • If you would like to download the wsp file of SP List Category Filter, access to the Downloads of SP List Kit v1.0.8.


SP List Category Filter enables one-click filtering experience for users to find target list items quickly.
  • List managers only specify a field for categorizing.
  • Categories are displayed in the list view page.
  • Select a category, and then list items are filtered.


  • SP List Category Filter can be deployed as a farm solution.


In case of using the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.
  1. Open the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.
  2. Execute the following commands
    • Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath (Download directory)\Cybozu.SharePoint.CategoryFilter.wsp
    • Install-SPSolution -Identity Cybozu.SharePoint.CategoryFilter.wsp -WebApplication (URL) -GACDeployment
      • (URL) is the URL of the target web application.
  3. Open a site in the target web application.
  4. Move to the list view page in which you want to filter list items by categories.
  5. Move to the List Settings page.
  6. Click the SP List Category Filter menu.
  7. Check the Yes option of the Use category filter radio buttons.
  8. Specify a field at the Category Field dropdown menu, and click Save button.
  9. Back to the list view page, then the list items are filtered by categories.


List View

Categories in List View Page

List Settings

Menu in List Settings Page

SP Category Filter Settings

SP List Category Filter Settings

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